White Chasuble Gold Banding. Cross and Heart. Hen’s Feet

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Cowl collar chasuble. Soft flowing cotton and polyester blend fabric.
Same symbols in front and back of chasuble.
Cross and Heart. “Akoko Nan “Hen’s Feet Adinkra symbol.
Gold band edging all around.
Extended width: 60″. Length: 53”.
Meticulously sewn in Ghana.
NOTE: Does not have a stole.
Meaning: The foot of a hen. It is a symbol for nurturing coupled with discipline. This Adinkra is from the proverb, “Akoko nan tia ba na enkum ba,” literally, “The foot of a hen steps on the child (chick) but it doesn’t kill the child (chick).”
Discipline is good but it must be moderated with love lest it goes overboard.

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